InFLAMES Immuno-engineering workshop


14 maaliskuun, 2023 - 15 maaliskuun, 2023    
9:30 am - 5:15 pm
InFLAMES Immuno-engineering workshop

March 14-15th
on-site event
Putous auditorium, Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki
Program and abstract book

The Immuno-engineering workshop will feature early-stage international and local researchers, including ERC starting and consolidator grant awardees. The aim of the event is to promote new international collaborative projects, develop ideas for future joint funding applications and encourage networking.

Please register for the event by March 1, 2023. For additional information, please contact


Seminar Day – March 14

9:00-9:30 Coffee and sandwich

9:30-11:40 Session 1. Technologies to monitor, catch and predict biological systems
Putous auditorium, Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki, 2nd floor
Chairs: Anna Aalto, Käthe Dahlström

9:30-9:35 Opening words
Sirpa Jalkanen
Academician; Director of InFLAMES Flagship, University of Turku
Cecilia Sahlgren
Professor; Åbo Akademi University, InFLAMES Flagship; Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands

9:35-10:15 Modeling epithelial-immune cell interactions in the human gastric mucosa
Diane Bimczok
Associate Professor; Montana State University, USA

10:15-10:55 Adhesion modulates cell migration, erythrocyte morphology and endothelial cell dynamics – Mathematical modelling and simulation of physical processes in biological systems
Rui Travasso
Assistant Professor; University of Coimbra, Portugal

10:55-11:10 Studying cancer metastases in the age of deep learning for microscopy
Guillaume Jacquemet
Associate Professor; Åbo Akademi University, InFLAMES Flagship

11:10-11:25 Single-cell analyses of immune responses in arthritis and atherosclerosis
Tapio Lönnberg
Senior researcher, Group leader; University of Turku, InFLAMES Flagship

11:25-11:40 Towards Organ-on-a-Chip technologies: Microfabrication to cell culture in-house
Diosángeles Soto Véliz
Research associate; Åbo Akademi University, InFLAMES Flagship

11:40-12:55   Break

12:55-14:45 Session 2. Targeting the immune system in disease
Chairs: Emilia Holm, Mina Tayaab

12:55-13:35 A novel role of Jag1 in T-cell mediated immunity of Alagille syndrome
Jan Mašek
Junior PI, Group leader; Charles University, Czech Republic; Karolinska Institute, Sweden

13:35-14:15 Modulating Fcy-receptor functions by Fc engineered constructs
Ekaterina Petrova
Postdoctoral researcher; Karolinska Institute, Sweden

14:15-14:30 Bioengineering soluble Clever-1 for regulating peripheral tolerance
Maija Hollmen
Academy Research Fellow, Group Leader; University of Turku, InFLAMES Flagship
Chief Scientific Officer, Faron Pharmaceuticals

14:30-14:45 A method to diagnose colonic inflammatory diseases by cytoskeletal changes in crypt cells
Lauri Polari
Project researcher; Åbo Akademi University, InFLAMES Flagship

14:45-15:15 Break: Coffee and pastry

15:15-17:10 Session 3. Immuno-engineering
Chairs: Kai-Lan Lin, Jenny Pessa

15:15-15:55 Protein engineering through yeast display for immunotherapy
Daniel Antfolk
Sigrid Jusélius Postdoctoral fellow; Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, USA

15:55-16:35 Targeting Met1-ubiquitination in inflammation-induced cancer
Gabriela Martínez Chacón
Project Researcher; Åbo Akademi University, InFLAMES Flagship

16:35-16:50 Dynamic micropatterning in studying B cell immune synapse
Pieta Mattila
Group leader; University of Turku, InFLAMES Flagship

16:50-17:05 Engineering human diamine oxidase to a first-in-class biopharmaceutical
Serhii Vakal
Project Researcher; Åbo Akademi University, InFLAMES Flagship

17:05-17:10 Closing words
Cecilia Sahlgren

Networking Day – March 15

10:00-12:30 Meetings with international speakers
12:30-14:30 Brainstorming and networking lunch
14:30-16:30 Meetings with international speakers

We acknowledge funding from the InFLAMES Flagship, the Åbo Akademi University Foundation’s Centre of Excellence in Cellular Mechanostasis (CellMech) and the Rector of Åbo Akademi University.

Organizing committee
Cecilia Sahlgren
Silvia Gramolelli
Kati Kemppainen