Call for applications – InFLAMES Research Flagship offers support for researchers fled from Ukraine

University of Turku Research Flagship InFLAMES: Innovation Ecosystem based on the Immune System opens a call for grant applications for scientific research related to immunology, immunology-based drug development and/or diagnostics. The call is open to researchers (all career stages) who have been displaced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and who are seeking a temporary assignment to continue research outside Ukraine.

University of Turku Research Flagship InFLAMES is a joint effort of University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and the associated ecosystem. It produces break-through knowledge on immunological principles and diseases. The Flagship also aims to provide novel discoveries which lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory disorders. Research areas of InFLAMES Research Flagship include basic immunological research, immunodisease modelling, immunoprofiling, immunodrug development, immunodiagnostics, immunotherapy, infections, clinical studies, cohorts, tissue engineering, imaging, bioinformatics.

  • Duration of the grant: 3-12 months (with a possibility to apply for extension)
  • Amount of the grant: 1400-3400 €/ month (depending on the background of the person)*
  • Application period: Continuous open call (applications will be processed in the order of submission)

Please submit your application online via
Include a personal statement containing a description of your scientific background and/or your research interests and attach a CV and list of publications to your application (if possible).

For further information about the InFLAMES grant, please contact InFLAMES Research Manager Kaisa Hakkila,

Regarding the application process, please contact HR Specialist Kristiina Nuutila,



*Estimate of the amount of the grant/month
MSc/Licentiate of Medicine Lic. Med. M.D. – Doctoral Researcher level:  1400-2000 € (depending on applicants research experience)
PhD/MD, PhD – Postdoctoral level: 2400 €
Senior Researcher level (Adjunct Professor/Docent): 3100 €
Professor: 3400 €