What is InFLAMES?

InFLAMES Research Flagship is an innovation ecosystem based on the immune system. It is a joint effort of University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and the associated ecosystem in Turku, Finland. It is supported by the Research Council of Finland. We are an internationally recognized, top-level, immunological research and development cluster attracting both researchers and business partners. 

Our Mission

Normal immune defence system is vital for health. Overactivity of the immune system leads to the development of autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis and juvenile diabetes. Too weak immune responses, on the other hand, predispose us to cancer and severe bacterial and viral infections.

In the InFLAMES Flagship we aim at identifying novel drug targets using the most modern technological platforms and finding novel diagnostic tools to identify the patients benefitting from personalized therapies.

Our Innovative Ecosystem

The study area of the InFLAMES Flagship is in the heart of both host organizations University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. It will include joint and coordinated efforts of more than 300 researchers.

Turku has been the foundation and leader of Finnish immunological research for the past 50 years and has also generated major economic activity. The InFLAMES Flagship will transform the immunological research and innovations into economic and societal empowerment in joint efforts with biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Ecosystem partners (partners

Our Goals

In cooperation with the scientific community and biotech and pharmaceutical companies the overall goals of the InFLAMES Flagship are

  • to integrate the immunological and other research activities to develop and exploit new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for personalized medicine
  • to introduce new avenues for the collaboration between the universities and industry by boosting public-private companionship
  • to enhance entrepreneurship and the translation of new inventions into commercial products