InFLAMES Visiting Professor Lectures: Reijo Salonen and Ellen Strahlman

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You are warmly welcome to the lectures of InFLAMES Visiting Professors Ellen Strahlman and Reijo Salonen. The lectures will be held in Medisiina D Lecture Hall Lauren 2 on Thursday June 2nd at 11:00-12:30.
You may also participate online:

Coffee / tea and sandwiches are served 15 minutes before of the seminar (for the first 50 people).


Reijo Salonen
How to Successfully Fail in Drug Development

Ellen Strahlman
Don’t Confuse me with Logic: Critical Thinking on the Path from Innovation to Commercialization

Host: Sirpa Jalkanen


Ellen Strahlman

Ellen Strahlman has a medical degree from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and her academic research has focused on her speciality, ophthalmology. She has background in medicine and a highly successful career in top positions in big pharma companies such as being executive vice president in R&D and chief medical officer at Becton Dickinson and GlaxoSmithKline among others makes. Ellen Strahlman has focused on innovation, research and development and based on her achievements she has obtained several awards including Outstanding Corporate Innovator, 2015 from Product Development & Management Association, MedTech Woman of the Year, 2014 from American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Woman of Power & Influence Award, 2014 from National Organization of Women and Visionary Award, 2011 from Foundation for Fighting Blindness.


Reijo Salonen

Professor Reijo Salonen graduated from the University of Turku as Licentiate in Medicine in 1983, Doctor of Medicine in 1983, and Specialist in Neurology in 1990. The University of Turku has granted him the title of Docent of Neuroimmunology in 1989 and the title of Professor in 2009. Since 2018, Salonen has worked as a partner in the consulting service company Reillen Group LLC in Florida. He is a member of the board in two pharmaceutical companies, Pharmasum AS and DelSiTech. He has experience of working in challenging management positions in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, Salonen has had multiple positions in the boards of Finnish and international pharmaceutical research and industry organisations over the last 15 years. Salonen was elected as the Chief Technology Officer of the Year in 2017.